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Dr. Steve Byrd
Stubborn belly fat often results from overstretched skin and muscle and stubborn fat. No matter how good your diet and fitness, stretched skin can only be corrected surgically. Many patients choose Dr. Steve Byrd for a tummy tuck to restore a flat tummy. Although many methods for abdominoplasty exist, Dr. Byrd typically uses four techniques: full tummy tuck, belt tuck, mini abdominoplasty, and umbilical float.

An ideal candidate for tummy tuck is a man or woman who is self-conscious about a bulging, flabby abdomen that does not improve with diet or exercise. You should be close to your target weight and be in good overall health and physical shape. With age comes lost skin elasticity. Mature patients who have experienced this age-related sagging skin can likely expect terrific results from a tummy tuck. Female patients may also benefit from combining their tummy tuck with breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.


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