Dr. Fred Suess

Dr. Fred Suess is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in abdominoplasty in San Francisco. Abdominoplasty helps flatten and smooth the abdomen by tightening weak or separated abdominal muscles and removing stubborn fat and loose skin. The ideal tummy tuck candidate has pockets of localized fat or loose skin that has not responded to diet and exercise. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and genetics can contribute to stretched skin and abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck can take two to five hours and is performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia with a sedative. Recovery time ranges from two weeks to a few months. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, results are permanent. The procedure will leave a thin scar which will fade with time, although it will be low enough for a bikini to conceal it. A tymmy tuck can be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction and breast implants, for more dramatic results.


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