Dr. Brian Glatt

Dr. Brian S. Glatt

Dr. Brian Glatt is a board certified plastic surgeon who has many years of experience performing abdominoplasty with excellent results. A tummy tuck can dramatically transform your body and self-confidence, and can help you look and feel younger. Some patients find it difficult to lose their excess tummy, even with diet and regular exercise. Pregnancy and weight fluctuations can stretch out the inner abdominal muscles as well as the outer abdominal skin.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, you are in good company. In 2015, tummy tuck surgery was the third most popular cosmetic surgery performed. Although the surgery requires an incision along the lower abdomen, the scar is typically kept extremely low, within the bikini line. Excess fat and skin are removed and abdominal muscles are tightened to create a flat, toned stomach. Dr. Glatt will typically finish off the procedure by performing liposuction to help obtain the best results. Patients normally return to work two weeks after their surgery.

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